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Developing a new biodynamic farm

Hands-on experience in a farm transitioning to biodynamic practices + farm visits.

Program option 1  Developing a new BD farm, September 11-15 2024 - €800

Program option 2 – Farm visit,September 16-19 2024 - €700

Program option 3 – Full Program, September 11-19 2024 - €1500

Sponsor ticket – Elevate Farming: Sponsor a Ticket

Empower farmers with limited resources by contributing 300 euros towards a Sponsor Ticket.

Your donation directly funds scholarships, making a tangible impact on agricultural sustainability


Developing a new biodynamic farm


Main themes:

  • Introduction to Biodynamic farm management.
  • Hands-on learning in Biodynamic cultivation practices.
  • How to get started with Biodynamic Preparation.
  • Foundation of a Community-Supported Agriculture -how to get it going in your farm .
  • Introduction to DEMETER Standards and Certification.
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