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Exploring the diversity of farm organisms, development, practice, and the personal stories of leading practitioners.


Full Tour - August 6-16, 2024

Italy Only - August 6-10, 2024

Transit - August 11, 2024

Germany Only - August 12-16, 2024

This ticket includes accommodations, food, transport, and training fees.
Do not include flights and visa cost

Scholarship ticket

With the generous support of the World Goetheanum Association and the Voelkel juice company, a 500-euro scholarship is available for individuals who support the development of biodynamics.

Farm organism - with scholarship

€2,000.00 Regular Price
€1,500.00Sale Price

Main themes:

  • Biodynamic Vegetable Cultivation.
  • Biodynamic Viticulture.
  • Biodynamic Animal Farming.
  • Soil Health and Chromatography.
  • Biodynamic Seed Breeding.
  • Preparation and Application of Biodynamic preparations.
  • Best practices in biodynamic Agronomy.
  • Biodynamic Community:
  • Agriculture, Education, Economy & Society.
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