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Creating Impact

Empowering Change:

Transforming Visions into Reality

Founded in 2014, Adama Haya is impacting the way we farm in Israel and beyond

Pioneering the first commercial production of multispecies cover crop mixes serving farmers across Israel in their regenerative transition

Read about Effects of biodynamic preparations >

Cover crops mixes

The first-ever policy work and program for a new generation of farmers in Israel
Adopted by the National Kibbutz movement and the Israeli agriculture ministry
Developed for Yesodot Institute. 

Farmers New Generation >

Policy work

Founding the first commercial production of multispecies cover crop mixes serving 170 farmes across Israel.

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Establishing the soil chromatography lab and conducting the first national soil and practices survey in Israel.

Parallel Session Chromatography >

Soil chromatography

Founding the first vocational training for biodynamic agriculture in Israel.

Upcoming Field courses >

training Bodynamics

Establishing the biodynamic collegial exchange program in the Mediterranean region.

Upcoming Field courses >

Biodynamic collegial exchange program

Establishing the national soil health program in cotton rotation.

A multi-stack holder public-private partnership to practical transition to cover crops in irrigated land 

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