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Field crops

Cultivating Harmony

Harnessing Nature's Power in Agriculture

At ADAMA HAYA (Living Soil), we're dedicated to advancing the principles of biodynamic and agroecological agriculture –

a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming.


Specializing in the development of agroecological systems, we tailor solutions to enhance the vitality of farms and community agriculture initiatives. From expert advisory and training services to essential inputs like cover crop mixes and biodynamic preparations, we empower farmers to integrate natural processes into their practices.

Our expertise extends to project management for agricultural transition, DEMETER certification, and CSA development. We believe in establishing agriculture as a force for harmony and abundance, aligning human endeavors with the natural world.

Join us in cultivating a future where agriculture flourishes in harmony with nature, fostering health, prosperity, and sustainable economic growth for all - Agriculture in the service of life.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

"Empowering farmers through innovative agroecological and biodynamic solutions, Adama Haya revolutionizes agriculture with personalized advisory services, education, and comprehensive product offerings, enhancing efficiency and profitability."

Our Vision:

"Adama Haya envisions a future where agriculture harmonizes with nature, nurturing vibrant ecosystems and fostering profound connections between humanity and the land. Our ambition is to lead the way in revitalizing agricultural practices, creating a sustainable and abundant future for generations to come."

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