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This practical farm visit and field course will give you a unique opportunity to meet the full richness, diversity, and depth of biodynamic farms and practitioners.

In central south Italy, we learn how biodynamics coop in semi-arid conditions for the highest level of soil regeneration.
In the south of Germany, we'll dive into the best practices of the oldest and best-established biodynamic farms.

Furthermore, we will hear from biodynamic researchers, wholesalers, and diverted community farming settings.

The 2018 group

Part I – Farm Visit Italy
August 6 to 11, 2024

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Soc. Agr. Biodinamica
Carlo Noro

Carlo's farm cultivates 5 ha. of wine, olive oil, vegetables, and biodynamic preparations. Working biodynamically since the 70's, Carlo is a leading trainer, advisor, and preparation maker of the highest quality.

Molecular properties of a fermented manure preparation used.jpg

Italian Society of
Biodynamic Sciences

The Society, founded in 2020 By Pro. Piccolo and Carlo Triarico, with the mission to advance the scientific and technological fields of biodynamics to achieve greater awareness of the interactions between the biological complexity of living things and human action.

מסלול איטליה.jpg

Contect us for the full program 

Part II - Farm Visit South Germany
August 11 to 16



Farming biodynamically since 1932 on 200 hectares, 40% of which is meadow and 60% arable land. 7000 m² are covered by greenhouses, together with 50 dairy cows,  breeding bulls, and offspring. Furthermore, they operate a bakery, seed production, and a veg box scheme for 2500 families.

Regionalwert Leistungen.jpg

Regionalwert Leistungen

Regionalwert Leistungen supports the evaluation of the environmental and social conditions of farms. Sustainability performance can be taken into account as a business asset in the balance sheet. They support farms and value chains to bring out the value of their regional work.


Sativa Rheinau

Based at Switarland's biggest biodynamic farm and training center, Reichenau. Sativa is committed to preserving the cultural heritage of cultivated plants. Through their systematic conservation breeding, they maintain old varieties and adapt them to changing environmental conditions.

Cattle in Pasture


An organic and biodynamic wholesaler for over 30 years, supporting the development of farms and processors, trade, and wholesale.

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Contect us for the full program 

Main themes:

  • Biodynamic vegetable and cereal cultivation, viticulture, animal husbandry, and cereals.

  • Soil Health and regeneration.

  • Biodynamic Seed Breeding.

  • Biodynamic preparation use and application

  • Research results in biodynamics 

  • Organic and biodynamic wholesaler

  • Biodynamic Community:
    Agriculture, Education, Economy & Society.

Program Options:

Exploring the diversity of farm organisms, development, practice, and the personal stories of leading practitioners.

  • Full Tour - August 6-16, 2024

  • Italy Only - August 6-10, 2024

  • Transit - August 11, 2024

  • Germany Only - August 12-16, 2024

Cost: 1,000 Euros per country, including accommodations, food, transport, and training fees.


Weleda Save Earth Skin sponsors scholarships for farmer participation  


Sponsorships are welcome

Adama Haya is working in a network of Biodynamic initiatives across the Mediterranean

with your sponsorship, we can offer participation scholarships,
Supporting the development of biodynamic farmers across the region.


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