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Southern france

Join us with the leading experts

Learn from the top eight wineries
in southern France, including:


Domaine Montirius

Situated in the southern Rhône Valley. Their 58-hectare domain, with vine classifications in Vacqueyras, Gigondas, and Côtes du Rhône, has been converted to biodynamic culture since 1996.
Eric & Christine Saurel

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Domaine Gramenon

The vineyard has been cultivated organically since its creation in 1978. Since 2010, it has been cultivated biodynamically. The revitalization of soils and the strengthening of plant defense mechanisms immediately became evident and quite convincing.
We noticed a newfound energy emanating from our parcels.


Château L’Ermite d'Auzan

An 80-hectare family estate that practices organic, biodynamic, and permaculture farming methods. They cultivate 14 types of medicinal plants and produce their own essential oils to support their vineyard operations. They prepare their own biodynamic preparations and strive for minimal use of organically approved inputs.


Domaine Chaume-Arnaud

Works organically on 38 hectares, having adopted organic practices since the end of the 1990s with the desire to be respectful of the land and people. They transitioned to biodynamic farming in 2003 to follow natural rhythms, facilitate the plant's natural defenses, promote soil regeneration, and harmonize the balance between telluric and cosmic forces.


Domaine de la Pécquelette

A fifteen hectares of diversified agriculture, all in one contiguous piece. In 2004, Cédric took over the family estate. The estate comprises 5 hectares of vineyards, olive trees, truffle oaks, and a small flock of sheep. Fruit trees have also been planted. Biodiversity thrives here, and the landscape is picturesque.


Domaine des Coteaux de Travers – Didier Charavin

Domaine des Coteaux de Travers has adopted a commendable approach, and now it is the children, Marine and Paul, who run the Domaine under Robert's watchful eye. They have undertaken extensive restructuring work on a beautiful plateau, creating terraces, planting hedges, incorporating agroforestry, and cultivating various grape varieties.

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Mas d’Alezon 

Catherine Roque has created two major estates in the Languedoc wine world: Clovallon in Bédarieux, in the Upper Orb Valley, and Mas d'Alezon in Faugères. Trained as an architect with a passion for vines, she began in 1989 by planting unexpected grape varieties, particularly pioneering pinot noir in the region.


Château La Sauvageonne 
Domaine Gérard Bertrand

Gérard Bertrand has been committed to biodynamic viticulture at Cigalus since 2002. This practice allows for reinforcing the balance between the vine and its environment. 
In addition to meeting Château La Sauvageonne and their development in biodynamics, we will meet Gilles de Baudus, the biodynamics manager at Domaine Gérard Bertrand, a 1,000-hectare winery.

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Main themes:

Professional exchange with leading vintners in southern France

  • Vineyard management in arid conditions.

  • Working with biodynamic preparations for soil and plant vitality.

  • Integration of animals in the vineyard.

  • Soil health and its care in a biodynamic approach.

Full program cost €1,500.00

Sponsorships are welcome

Adama Haya is working in a network of Biodynamic initiatives across the Mediterranean

with your sponsorship, we can offer participation scholarships,
Supporting the development of biodynamic farmers across the region.

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